VR Broadcast


360° virtual reality broadcast really does add a new dimension to film making, putting viewers at the heart of any environment and allowing them the freedom to change their perspective at will. At Autonomica we’re equipped with the best tools on the market to deliver this exciting virtual reality broadcast experience from anywhere at the highest resolutions. Whether it’s marketing, corporate events, personal events or entertainment we bring people into your space either by virtual reality broadcast to the social platform(s) of your choice or via our platform to your website or by recording video that you can embed or share anywhere. On the right you’ll see us going live on facebook with Rich from Bring The Game Over who wanted to be able to show people around his gaming van…take a look around with him. We can provide VR video in a number of formats depending on your needs and we’ll help you decide which one is right for you.

In standard 360° video we can livestream at resolutions up to 3840×1920@30fps (4K), the resolution limits which are set by streaming platform(s) differ and are automatically set to provide the best resolution for each user based upon their download speed but we will always ensure you’re getting the best possible resolution for your stream. For video that we record, we can provide resolutions up to 7680×3840@30fps (8K), we can record whilst livestreaming if you want a higher resolution output to embed on your website etc.

We can also provide 3d 360° video to provide truly immersive experiences using VR equipment at up to 3840×3840@24fps (4K) for livestreaming and 6400×6400@30fps (6K) when recording.