Virtual Tour FAQ

Virtual Tour FAQ

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a means by which a user can explore a space in 360 degrees. Most virtual tours are created by adding hotspots that provide the navigation flow between panoramas which allows the user to “walk through the virtual tour.

What is a 3d virtual tour?

At C3D our virtual tours differ from the vast majority. We use state of the art infra-red and laser sensors to build an accurate 3d representation of the space, extremely advanced software processing then allows us to overlay high quality 3d imagery and build seamless navigation through the virtual tour. Unlike 360 degree virtual tours, this means that there is no cross-fading between panoramas. As a user navigates the tour they are presented with 3d transitions between panoramas that provide the most immersive experience available.

How long does it take to build a virtual tour?

Scanning is of course dependent upon the size and complexity of the space, we’ve created virtual tours as small as the inside of a vehicle and as large as a rural estate. We’ll provide an estimate of the scanning time once we understand your requirements. Once scanning is completed, processing and editing can take between 1 and 7 days depending on the size of the space and  the number of multimedia hotspots required.

Can 3d virtual tours include the outdoors?

Sure, we are one of only a handful of providers worldwide with a permanent capability to produce outdoor virtual tours. Take a look at this virtual tour of The Nature Discovery Centre to see this capability in more detail.

What devices can I view the virtual tour on?

Our 3d virtual tours can be viewed on any device including in 3d on a virtual reality headset.

Will a Virtual Tour slow down my website?

All of our virtual tours are cloud hosted and distributed from a high speed content distribution network. What this means is that the speed and bandwidth of your site is not affected, the virtual tours load asynchronous script meaning that your page renders at the highest possible speed.

What can I do with my virtual tour?

Your virtual tour can be embedded on your website and shared using social media, if you’ve subscribed to one of our marketing packages we can extract individual 360 degree photos from the tour that you can use as social media snippets. You can also download the virtual tour to an iPad to allow you to take it with you to marketing events without having to rely on a wi-fi signal.