A multiuser videochat experience within your model

If you're sharing your screen using Zoom or Teams to show your space online, you are effectively sharing a low quality video with inherent buffering and lag. C3D Live brings your guests into your model, with you guiding them around your space. We use gaming technology to synchronise multiple instances of your model with integrated video chat. This provides an unparalleled experience for your guests allowing you to showcase your space far more cost effectively than physical visits and with a "wow factor" that simply can't be achieved anywhere else.

About Live

Our Live product allows you to guide up to 49 guests through your space within a single session with two distinct user experiences depending on the number of guests.

Collaboration Mode:  Sessions with up to 3 guests are presented in Collaboration Mode, the host is initially in control of the tour and guests will follow the host around the space. Whilst the host is not moving, guests have the opportunity to explore unassisted but will immediately be brought back to the hosts position upon movement by the host. Each guest has the opportunity to take control of the tour, the host and other guests will then follow that user around the tour. The video of all participants is shown on screen.

Presentation Mode: For sessions with 4 or more guests, the session is established in presentation mode, the host is always in control and guests cannot explore unaided until the host allows them to do so. The host can mute and unmute participants as necessary. Dominant speaker detection is employed in this mode, the system displays a single video screen and switches between whoever is the active speaker at that point in time.

Both modes have everything you'd expect from a modern collaboration system including:

Screen sharing to present static documents

Text chat to insert URL's or other information

A 'laser pointer' to highlight specific areas of your space.

Video and Audio input selection.

Multiplatform capable

In addition to Matterport, C3D Live is compatible with Cupix, Kuula, Metareal and Google Streetview Platforms