C3D Explorer is our basic package for delivering digital twins. We use state of the art enterprise grade cameras and sensors to map your indoor or outdoor space in 3d, we then either process the 3d data and present the space online or provide you with the 3d data in your specified format for manipulation with your current toolset.

Matterport Digital Twins

Our Capture Service includes:

  • An initial 1 hour consultation to establish your requirements
  • Production of a detailed proposal and project scope document.
  • A physical or virtual site survey and scanning plan
  • A 1 hour project kickoff meeting to establish your data and media requirements for inclusion into the model.
  • 3d Data capture.
  • 3d data processing to the agreed format.
  • A 1 hour review session to establish any changes required to the model or data.
  • A final 1 hour session to sign off the project deliverables against the initial project requirements.

As you can see from the example on the right, Matterport provides an excellent medium to guide viewers around your space. We've provided Matterport models across industry and they're a particularly useful and cost effective tool in:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Building Management
  • Asset Management
  • Education

and many more sectors. If Matterport is the chosen medium for your project, we'll deliver a basic Matterport tour as part of our Capture Service including 10 information tags and 1 year of hosting.

The delivery of your Matterport model is only the beginning of what C3D can provide with Matterport, we like to put models to work for your business. Take a look at our other services to learn more.

  • C3D Imagineer - A custom feel for individual online experiences
  • C3D Customiser - Custom applications to your bespoke requirements.
  • C3D Visualiser - Visualisation of future designs in your existing space.
  • C3D Transformer - Your 3d data in the format of your choice.
  • C3D Live - Guide multiple users around your space with synchronised models and video chat.