Next generation media for the immersive web

The next generation of interactive multimedia powers the immersive web, at C3D Virtual Reality we specialise in producing powerful 3d and 360 immersive media to supercharge the experience of any visitor to your website or social media page.

Few could have imagined five years ago what the impact of virtual reality would be, in 2013 it was the realm of developers, gamers and enthusiasts but it has in a relatively short space of time become a key commercial tool. From hospitality and broadcasting to education and e-commerce the emergence of VR allows consumers to immerse themselves in your venue, service or product before making the decision to buy. Immersive media should be a part of every marketing strategy.

VR as a consumer tool is not only here to stay but will surpass traditional imagery in terms of web volume within the next 5 years. Recent research from Foundry reveals a huge disconnect between consumer demand and the current virtual reality offering with their CEO stating “Our research shows that there is going to be an increasing appetite amongst consumers for high quality VR headset content. The fact that everyday experiences like watching sport are predicted to completely vanish for some people in favour of VR versions within five years is pretty incredible.”

With VR and immersive media set to dominate the consumer online experience over the coming years, C3D is the ideal partner to define and deliver your online virtual marketing strategy. Whether you are showcasing property, venues, services or products our immersive 3d and 360 experiences will help you to stand out on the web and deliver customers to your door.

Next generation imaging for design and engineering

We use a cutting edge mix of LiDAR and Infra-red mapping techniques to generate our immersive media for the architecture, construction and engineering sectors which produces high accuracy point cloud data suitable for use in CAD systems. Our media can also be used to provide detailed 3d as built documentation and inventory documentation for facility and inventory management. We can also use the data to provide architectural visions for development projects. in the example below we used the 3d data produced from the pre-development scan on the left to produce the visualisation of the post-development property that you can see on the right.

An emerging technology or a global phenomenon?

Once the realm of hardcore gamers, as you can see from the graph below the use of virtual reality devices has increased exponentially between 2014 and 2018. This trend is set to continue and the 2018 levels of use are predicted to double by 2021. Whatever your business and whatever market you operate in there is a place for C3D Virtual Reality services in your portfolio. Take a look at what we offer to learn more.

Immersive media Usage prediction Graph